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Paintings by Lehandri Hancke:

Throughout her school career, she has won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows & school exhibitions. She has also done many commissioned works both for individual collectors and the school yearbook, including a series of paintings called: "Ancient Subterfuge Collection"

All sales will contribute funding her further studies in Austria, Vienna Fine Art Academy. Feel free to order a copy of your choice, some of her original artwork is for sale! or Let me do your Portrait

Artist Statement
I am a 18 year old aspiring fine art student currently finishing high school in South Africa. I have been painting and drawing since as old as I can remember! I have created this page to support my studies at a Fine Art Academy in Austria as they are known for their exceptional fine art studies. I would like to pursue the dream of becoming a successful artist like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Michelangelo for they have been core inspirations for all of my drawing- and painting styles.

I am fascinated by the deeper meanings and symbolism of various objects in life, art and sculpture. I feel blessed to have the time to look so deeply into life around me and hope to convey that feeling with you through my artworks.

I have a growing Instagram page for my art (following link): https://www.instagram.com/leh_art3/ & Website: https://leh3designs.weebly.com/

Thank you for your support xxx


Ancient Subterfuge Collection



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