Legacy Art Portraits


"Modern Mood, Vintage View, or Family Heirloom…Capture and preserve your own timeless piece by requesting a mixed media Legacy Art Portrait today."

As an experienced Art Therapist working in private practice on Long Island, N.Y., Stephanie believes in the healing power of the arts and it's ability to restore balance, provide empowerment, and give visual form to those voices and the stories behind them. By channeling the formal elements of art with mixed media, Stephanie portrays the essence of each individual through symbolic representation, further emphasizing on multiple aspects of their persona, milestone moments, and accomplishments they have achieved throughout their years. It is Stephanie's greatest hope to remind others of their inner strengths and abilities by visually contemplating on the various aspects of themselves. Each portrait is tailored according to each individual's life experiences as a way of fostering confidence, self-esteem, and pride as they reflect on all that they are. To begin customizing, contact Stephanie via email at: LegacyArtPortraits@gmail.com