UK based painter. Drawing inspiration from everything I see, hear, think of or dream about. My medium of choice for the past 2 years is acrylic but, I also enjoy watercolours, ink, pastels (soft and oil) and various gels and mediums (clear tar, pumice, texture gels, molding pastes, etc). I paint or sketch everyday with rare exceptions and I learn something new with every brush stroke. My work is quite diverse as I am a rather curious person and I like to experiment a lot; However, I have a fascination for expressionist/semi-abstract figurative art and most of my recent work reflects this. I'm drawn to unique shapes, unusual subjects, odd angles and interesting perspectives. I have a preference for forceful expressive brush strokes. I can see beauty in almost anything, even in what others might consider grotesque, dark, ugly or sad. I am vastly self taught, although I've had a few artist friends around who've made the learning journey a lot easier. I don't have any artistic education, my academic background being in psychology. I hold a master's degree in Forensic Psychology and I've been working in Mental Health since 2016, this being the reason why some of my works bear psychological themes or a touch of beautiful melancholy. My favorite paintings would be at the borderline between reality and magic with strange characters, eerie or mysterious atmosphere and unusual subjects. I'm most fulfilled when I've managed to paint uncertainty, doubt and mystery whilst maintaining a simple composition.

Last Remaining Light


Modern Nymphs

Fading Faces

Collective Unconscious