Lee's View

Lee's View



My name is Amber Lee! I am a 22 year old with High Functioning Autism. This means that I view the world differently than most people. I sometimes struggle to communicate with the world around me. I also am very anxious and live in constant fear of the world around me.

However, I do not let the fear control me. I am highly independent, and am very proud of this fact. My secret is to not let the fear control you. To face it head on. It's okay if you have to ask for help. My fears never go away completely, they just go to the back of the line. I still have trouble stepping on an escalator, but instead of letting the fear control me, I grit my teeth and do it. it might take me a few minutes, and I might let impatient people go in front of me, but I eventually take that step.

I do not receive and sort of financial assistance from anyone. Im able to work a small job, and afford to my basic needs. I've been told I should share my unique view with the world, and even though I'm afriad, I'm gonna try.