Board Game of Divine Wisdom LEELA

Board Game of Divine Wisdom LEELA

Hi! We are Olga & Ernesto traveling yoga teachers!

We are making by HAND 🤚 UNIQUE PAINTINGS of Mystical Yoga Board Game Leela! 🎨

Leela is ancient Indian board game of Self Knowledge, Chakras and yoga philosophy! 🎲

Leela board game is a perfect gift for yogi or or yogini and all people interested in spirituality, self discovery, spiritual awakening and healing.

Leela Chakra Yoga Game is based on the scriptures of Indian philosophy 🕉 and teaches us how to apply ancient knowledge of yoga, chakras, astrology and numerology in our daily life to be happy!

Every box is Yoga Artwork and Masterpiece. It has custom spiritual design with Buddha, Lakshmi, Siva, Shakti, Yogi, Yogini or other deity made by your choice!

Spiritual Board Game Box comes with instructions 🗞 dice 🎲 and cards with commentaries. Full text of Leela book of Knowledge by Harish Johari is provided online.

Yoga game box made from wooden material, it's opening as a board (30cm x 35cm) for playing alone or with friends.

English, Spanish, Russian versions are available!

Oder your master piece made by hand NOW!

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Be happy! 💛