Lea Marie Davis

Lea Marie Davis


Full name: Lea Marie Davis
Country: Queensland Australia
Formal Training: Self-taught
Influences: Picasso, Impressionism, awareness of my own spirtual journey in life.

With many years of life’s experiences, (many good and some tragic) behind me, I decided five years ago to embarked on a mission “No A Journey” of rediscovery and self-learning of this world that I had left behind but never forgotten so many years ago “ART”, I started with a simple generic computer drawing and photographic package which I must admit was quite daunting as I was not computer literate in any way shape or form, after some time I felt I had exhausted all the possibilities that this simple program could offer, I decided to buy a canvas and some watercolors which progressing quickly into oil-based paints which I have chosen to be my primary and preferred medium.So for the last few years, I have painted on canvas, which I feel can accurately betray my life’s journey. I consider myself to be an abstract expressionist , I express my soul and a true reflection of realism of my life’s often wacky journey in all my paintings. A living piece of art that is me.

Oil paintings