Leah McPhail

Leah McPhail


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Leah McPhail is a local photographer from Pomona, California. She was raised around photography and grew up to love it.

Leah went on to become a family/pet photographer and was certified through her employer in children, teens, adult, and group photography. She managed a photography studio for 6 years before leaving to have her youngest son Joshua. After the birth of her youngest son she realized that although she loved photography, she needed more freedom in order to truly enjoy it.

Continuing her love affair with photography over the years, Leah has used it as a successful fundraiser for her son's baseball teams.

Considering herself blessed, she is able to stay home and is currently home-schooling her children Anthony (Tony) and Joshua (Josh). Anthony, is working on his first book which he intends to publish in the next few years and Joshua, dreams of one day becoming a professional baseball player.

website: http://leah-mcphail.pixels.com
e-mail: leahmcphailphoto@icloud.com