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Hi, I'm a young ceramist selling some of my ceramic pieces and sets! These functional pieces have many purposes like drinking/eating out of or being used as a vessel to hold small or loose items or it can be a decorative item placed around the house. All of the food safe pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe but hand washing and avoiding extreme temperature changes will keep the longevity of the piece. All of these pieces are handmade, original pieces, some are very similar but none are the exact same. All pieces are handmade, fired and ready for you to use!

"Seconds" are pieces that have small cracks, glaze crazing, or chips in the piece. This doesn't take away the functionality of the piece but rather it's purposes are limited (no longer food safe). These pieces are marked down and noted in the description of the small flaw.

10% off on older pieces which means any piece from the 2020 collections (part 1 & 2) and 2021 collections (parts 1-3) that are still available, so please take these lovely older pieces of mine to a new/your home!!

For more updates, like limited time sales and in person sales, follow me on instagram or on my Facebook page @l.dovepottery

Happy shopping!
L. Dove


Seconds (slightly flawed pieces)

2022 Collection Part 2

2022 Collection Part 1

2021 Collection Part 3

2021 Collection Part 2

2021 Collection Part 1

2020 Collection Part 2

2020 Collection Part 1