Growing up with business father and an artist mother, I am involved both business and art areas.

As a songwriter & guitarist of post-rock band 'RoadSign', I had got interests on fine arts for my inspirations from long time back, and finally started my first acyrlic painting in the middle of October, 2014 after business hours in the office. With my unique eyes of embodying mixture of colors on my paintings which represents 'The Chaos' of the world I perceive, I try to express my nihilistic feelings from external.

As a beggining painter, my works are not yet participated on exhibitions or markets, but I would prepare my movement in this field with continious practice of my own way of painting as I got passion for it.

Painting is one of the way to express feelings, and most of times while painting is the moment when we can face the unconscious part of ourselves with special activities.

I started my painting experiences with acrylic, but I would prefer to use various media in the near future as I want to do my own experiments of painting in various ways.

Mainly, I would like to show the bottom of negativity which other commonly think, desperation, frustration, lonliness, death and so on, through my paintings as I found the beauties in it with my own eyes. 'I'm painting Chaos as the world is it' is the sentence which represents my works.

I would like to meet more audiences, and let them feel the bottom of them from my paintings for clearer understanding of 'who we are' to them. Mainly my achieve would be related more about enlightenment.

2014 December

2014 November