Law Blank Fine Art

Law Blank Fine Art

Law Blank, over the past 25 years, has created a diverse and expansive body of work. The genesis of his career produced expressive, inwardly focused painting, primarily acrylic and oil on canvas. Studying under the tutelage of Janet Weight Reed, Law explored themes such as; desert landscapes, social depravity, addiction, and, what would become the most popular work of these formative years, octopuses.

Not just limited to painting, Law produced a span of performance art productions with creative partner George Potor. Combining both future music, enveloping visual environments, and the awkwardness of the human body, these pieces toured college campuses and local theaters alike around the country. All lawsuits were settled out of court as a result of various performances.

As Law’s work matured, so did his subject matter. Starting in 1996, Law embarked upon a series based on the socio-economic conditions of the Brazilian Amazon. This work branched out to capture Caboclo (forest people) folklore and culture, as well as aspects of ethnobotony and forest ecology.

After a seven year hiatus, Law began painting again in 2008. The new work reflects a more cerebral, and centered artist. Focusing on expanding into new and experimental technique, Law is in quiet reflection on the new series to be created. The first body of work is an exercise in reconnecting with the world, of being both an artist, and a flawed human being.

Law Blank works out of his studio in Malvern, Pennsylvania with his wife Lisa and their children, Lawson and Larisa.