Laurie R Creations

Laurie R Creations

As a self taught artist, I began with pencil portrait sketches and developed my own technique for my paintings. Taking an intuitive writing workshop in 2011 opened the world of creative arts for me and I went from having not much of an artistic ability or talent to producing beautiful and colorful mixed media paintings.

Expanding my creative side, I also began to write! To this date I have four published fictional novellas, all of which are available on under my author name, Laurie Regan!

I love working with color and strive to infuse positive vibes, loving and happy energy in my art. I simply close my eyes before starting a piece and can actually see the image in my mind before I even start. My goal is to bring what I see in my mind and make it physical.

I hope you enjoy my art and writings as much as I do making them!


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