Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography

Lauren Leigh Hunter Fine Art Photography

My world through the lens is focused on that random, infinite, changeable interface between nature and man. It draws me into a world of abstracts. It allows me to be “painterly” with what I see and alter my reality if I choose.

My “If Walls Could Talk” collection showcases the many designs nature creates with time, neglect and man's artful hand when buildings become obsolete. Graffiti and the ensuing paint overs contribute to the archaeology of the day, while water creates incredible stains that add cathedral-like qualities to a soaring ceiling. Wallpaper and fabric exhibit layers of personal history, uncovering a time capsule of life.

Living in an environment that embraces the sea, it's a natural transition to capture boats and many other related subjects, but it goes further than that. It's all about the the battered bows that take the brunt of Mother Nature's force. The sand that is etched by the tide, the rustic sides of ships that scream color, scratches and scars. The beauty of corroding parts laying around the shipyard in accidental disarray. It's also the history of old and sometimes abandoned ships that are rotting away and about the people who restore them to a workable future.
If you spend time with my portfolio you'll see that the drama of black and white plays a significant role in my work. It's a perfect genre for creating a magical feel to almost any photograph that has light and contrast, lending mystery to almost any subject. It can create a sense of importance and significance to a portrait. It allows the true essence of it's subject to come through.

My sense of adventure and visceral passion for photography leads me many places, encompassing many other subjects. Essentially it's all about the joy of exploring my world and the many crazy, intriguing, and fascinating things that I find when I open my mind and see.

Waterdance Collection