Laura Urquhart

Laura Urquhart

Laura Urquhart's paintings have always sold almost as soon as they were completed. Hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Laura is a well kept art secret. And, those fortunate enough to have purchased or acquired an original Laura Urquhart painting are very lucky, indeed -- she has never created a large collection nor has there been a limited edition production.

With gifted artists as parents, Laura’s art career began very early. Her mother gave her figure drawing lessons and her dad taught her appreciation of the subtleties of light and shadow. Glen Urquhart also taught her perspective, allowing her to use his materials, and instilled the confidence to master watercolour, an unforgiving medium.

Growing up from the age of twelve across the road from the Homer Watson Gallery, in the once tiny village of Doon, Ontario, provided endless inspiration where she learned and later taught.

Laura has studied art at the University of Guelph, the Ontario College of Art, Mohawk College, and with John Pike and Albert Handell in Woodstock, New York. She was illustrating books at age twenty, had her own studio in Toronto, and became accomplished in oil, acrylic, and pastel, as well as watercolour. Her paintings can be found in many private collections and institutions.

For close to sixty years, the love of art has stayed with Laura, even as she pursued a different calling: that of a registered nurse, specializing in Palliative Care. Joy and exuberance balanced by the quiet dignity of the sadness and suffering of her patients, have influenced Laura’s work as much as the genius of the teachers she has known.

Today, Laura’s paintings are characterized by an insight into the spiritual essence of her subjects. Viewers are impressed with not only a recognition of shape, size, colour, and motion, but also with a feeling that they have experienced a kinship with the subject, and have come to know, respect, and understand its elusive soul.

Original Works