Laura Bernardeschi known as lauraartist68 is a self taught British and Italian artist based now in Newcastle upon tyne after 11 years spent in London and Bristol .

Laura is also a known supporting actress , life model , blogger and photographer . While her work as life model and actress was busy in the capital in the 2017th , she decided to try her skills in painting while living in Marlborough l to fight stress , anguish, fear , loneliness and anxiety due to an abusive relationship . In that period she became so fascinated by the light and the colours of the nature that decided to reproduce them in her bright abstracts on canvas using acrylics colours . By the way she has always tried to use different medias and subjects and In the last year she has started to reproduce the spiritual world and social issues connected to domestic abuse and pollution like "a story to tell "with different medias
Now in Newcastle upon tyne, she works from her artistic flat transformed by her in a sort of art gallery where neighbours and friends love to go in order to admire her artworks .

She did several exhibitions in London , Swindon and Bristol and a few times her works have been represented also by virtual art galleries .

Urban photography is her next adventure .

Photomodel and life model to draw

Landscape and travels

Abstract painting by lauraartist68

Flower Mania Gallery