my name is Laura and welcome to my gallery.
I have just opened it now on this amazing website but I am going to add some more artworks and pictures to share my passion for art.
I am originally Italian but i have lived since 2011 in Uk .
I spent 8 years of mu life in London, but last year i decided to move to Bristol.
I started to paint in 2017 when I was sharing my life with a man who was abusing me emotionally. He left me alone most of the weekends when I was in his isolated home in the countryside and for that, I decided to have a try with this beautiful art.
I started to paint in watercolours the flowers in the garden but quite soon I discovered was more interested in acrylics colour.
My style has changed a lot from the beginning and now I am passionate about abstract art.
Since I left that nasty man, I had the control of my life again and all my time is focused on my artistic work.
I have done a few exhibitions in London, Swindon and Bristol.
I am also an experienced life model and I love sharing my life with artists who spend energy and creativity in drawing me.
Thanks for your attention

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Nature in Abstract

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