My watercolors are all painted using the best watercolor paints and acid free, cold pressed watercolor paper. They are sold ready to frame or can be framed on request.

When I first started painting watercolor pictures I decided to paint a house in the Addison Mizner or Spanish style. I then wondered if maybe I should take some classes in watercolor since I had never had any lessons. I did take a class at my local high school. The class lasted about 9 weeks and we went every Saturday. It was a fun class and I learned a few basic tecniques. I feel like the you learn as you go and you experiment and you gain skill at your own pace. I am constantly learning and trying new things.

I enjoy doing watercolors because mixing and blending the paints is especially enjoyable to see how the colors emerge onto the paper. Most of my paintings are done using small amounts of water making them more detailed than typical watercolor paintings. My favorite subjects to paint are buildings and houses but I do anything that makes me happy.

PS I haven't done the house yet because I can't seem to find my model house yet. I am still looking.

I hope you enjoy my work.