Laura Greco

Laura Greco

I'm a multidisciplinary artist with high addiction to art and literature. Art is my life.

Regarding fine arts, surrealism in oil or acrylic on canvas is my basic and main artistic style, although my first love was abstract, and I frequently get into it again without being able to avoid it ... Illustrations, on the other hand, tempera on paper or digital art, are my everyday work at this moment either in realistic style or cartoons. I've worked for more than 20 years in different areas such as books, postcards, calendars and any sector in which illustrations are needed . That is why I have the habit of dividing my works into artistic and commercial works, since by force of being sincere although art is represented in many ways, personally, illustrations tend to be more to the taste of the client than the artist, however, I would not do something I did not like.

Photography has always been a passion as well, although unfortunately time is too limited to do everything we like in life, so I only do it when I consider that what I can capture with the camera really worth. My most important work and which includes the literary work has been the feature film "The Nameless Foreigner" (La Extranjera sin Nombre), based on the same tittled novel, in which I have been in charge of photography, direction and script.

As an artist's daughter it was difficult to keep up with my father's talent, he took realism to perfection but that never was my real goal, in fact, being abstract my first love it was too far from realism. I feel art as a tool to work with emotions and feelings, mine or others, to get deep in souls and tell what sometimes is difficult to do with words. Travelling from my first day of life gave me a special view of facts and people and I try to show it in my works. Sometimes, I think it's an endless travel not only around the world by inside myself.

Abstract Art

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Intim Art


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