Theresa Latona's Gallery

Theresa Latona's Gallery

I was born into a Philadelphia family of artists, musicians, actors and videographers, and from childhood, was always involved in anything creative. At age12, I was involved in the family ceramic business, followed by photography at age 15. In college, I became fascinated with the abstract after my first art history paper on Munch, but didn’t pick up a paintbrush until years later, when hardship threatened to conquer my life. Art is my savior! My work mirrors the fluctuation of emotions during a very traumatic period in my life with intermittent periods of light and dark.

My empathetic gift along with a very strong ancestral intuition, allows me to instinctively create my work without any preconceived subject. Instead of searching for a subject or object, I lay down the medium, find a glimmer of an element with which I resonate and chisel out and add to the piece until it reflects my innermost feelings

Art is my passion and a wonderful gift that allows me to view life from a much deeper perspective. It is a daily practice that involves my whole self, body, mind, and soul.


Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia
The DaVinci Art Alliance, in Philadelphia
Serves on the Marketing Committee of the DaVinci Art Alliance
Philadelphia Art Museum
Academy of Natural Sciences
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology


Bauhaus Gallery
DaVinci Art Alliance Gallery


Groove-Ground Cafe (Second Saturday in Collingswood)