Theresa Latona's Gallery

Theresa Latona's Gallery

I was born into a middle-class, Philadelphia family of artists, musicians, actors and videographers. As a kid I was always interested anything creative, and experimented with unusual things that often put me in the dog house. At age12, I took part in the family ceramic business; at age 15, I became interested in photography. In college, I became fascinated with art and the abstract after my first art history paper on Munch, but didn’t pick up a paintbrush until years later.

Passion Through Pain
It wasn't until years later, upon facing some pretty heavy life challenges, that I began to paint, and paint, and paint. If I go without painting for just one day, I feel like I haven't had my first cup of coffee in the morning.

I have participated in quite a few shows here and there, but due to my varied styles of work, I found that I am not accepted into the sometimes stodgy art community. Every artist in history went through a cycle of periods where their style changed, sometimes drastically, but I let that part of art go, so to speak. I paint for me and I love to share my work with fellow artists and fans who "get it!"

My empathetic gift along with a very strong ancestral intuition, allows me to instinctively create my work without any preconceived subject. Instead of searching for a subject or object, I lay down the medium, find a glimmer of an element with which I resonate and chisel out and add to the piece until it reflects my innermost feelings

Art is my passion and a wonderful gift that allows me to view life from a much deeper perspective. It is a daily practice that involves my whole self, body, mind, and soul.