Latifahafital Designs

Latifahafital Designs

Born and raised in the Midwest, surrounded by huge and tall buildings. I have always loved architecture, especially old museum buildings like the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. Most of my original art is acrylic on canvas of landscapes and water features. However, I have found a new form of art that is more intriguing, digital art. My favorite is to digitize acrylic on canvas paintings using AI. The outcomes are fantastic.

I’ve not always been an artist, I’ve been a telephone operator and an accountant, I’ve taught seniors how to use computers, I've studied Interior Design, taught adult education classes, travelled the world and got an MEd. But painting feels like a second skin, it brings together my passions for design and creativity explorations.

When I’m not painting or digitizing photos, you can find me playing with my kid's kids, at a café trying out new dishes with a friend, watching old movies or reading a good book.

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