LA Short

LA Short

I started to learn how to see, that is, to be visually aware, 50 years ago. In the years since then, I have watched and practiced and trained, developing my ability to see. I work at noticing, being aware of, thinking about, the countless things I come in contact with everyday. The objects I most enjoy are those of the creation, nature. I notice their color and form and movement and how one object will encounter and blend with the color and form and movement of other objects, forming something new that has its own elements of beauty; something fleeting that fades as the objects move away from each other. Each thing that I see is like a silent song that plays on its own, constantly, as it moves through space and time. And when I see it, it's as though I've tuned in to its visual melody, briefly. Seeing it at that moment strikes me, attracts me, stirs something within me and I want to record it so that I can experience that momentary visual melody again and again. So I paint. But I don't paint copies of the things I see. Instead, I try to paint the elements that I have found so attractive. I use the color and form and movement of the paint on canvas to record what it is about what I've seen that stirs me. Sometimes I'm successful. Sometimes I fail to capture the elements of what I've seen but, in the process, I create something new, a different silent song that stirs me in its own way and has its own value to me.

So my paintings are intended to be a record of what I have seen in my life. Recently, I have been developing kind of a story with my images; a story that says something about the workings of the creation. My hope is that people will "read" and enjoy my story or even see their own story. The point is to get people thinking about the creation and be aware of its constant activity. I make these paintings primarily for my own enjoyment; I'm not so pretentious as to think that what I see is important to anyone else. On the other hand, I'm happy to share what I've seen and maybe my paintings can enhance what others see, themselves.

In my paintings, I am primarily working with color, shape and movement to communicate feeling that is difficult to express verbally. Initially, I use wind and gravity to move the various colors around. I finish by adding more realistic images to produce a dichotomy which catches one's attention and moves the viewer to examine the painting more closely. The overall purpose of which is to instill a mood and elicit certain emotions in the viewer. Ultimately, each painting contains a piece of who I am and each piece of me will bring out a variety of responses from those who view the piece. Thus, each painting becomes the expression of the one viewing it as well as the one who painted it.

Most of my paintings will be sized at about 30" x 40" , done on stretched canvas with acrylic paints. I prepare the canvas with a very thin coat of primer so as to leave the canvas in an almost raw condition. I then apply layers of various colors and allow them to blend creating their own colors and shapes. I finish by applying a coat of fixative to protect the painting.


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