Richard Lambert

Richard Lambert

Although it remains figurative, my approach is to deconstruct the image to obtain only a trace of it, a perception.

I developed a personal technique based on an abrasive method on acrylic painting. By using different tools such as sandpaper or needle, I represent my subject (previously drawned from models) on the previously randomly applied painting. By reversing the relationship to painting, which is applied before I start to represent, I try to extract the image of the painting rather than painting directly my subject.

This method allows me to deconstruct the image. I try to play with the viewer who, at first glance, not may understand immediately the technique used. It may appear to be a collage or a mechanical printing while the artwork is entirely handmade. This direct imperceptibility participates in the deconstruction of the subject.

Therefore hazard, erasure and misunderstanding help me to try to express my vision of reality.