Lallu's paintings & photography

I am lallu, from Kerala,India. I am not at all a professional photographer or artist. Having the taste of drawing and painting, I used to draw and color pictures in my childhood. I didn't get any formal training in this.

Getting busy on life with family and kid, my favourite hobby (drawing) was almost dropped somewhere, and life was switching between home and office. Now a days I feel depressed a little due to my Father's death and need something strong to console myself and hence I restarted my childhood hobby(drawing) which is the only thing in the World can satisfy my mind and give me relief. I restarted the same with the portrait of my father, the person who loved and understand me the most.

In the meanwhile I was also trying for an extra income . After trying many online works , I came to the question that why can't I do something enjoyable to earn some income. The search for answer to that question reaches me here- at ARTPAL.

My strong statement is that if you have some skill or flair in painting, it give the same effect as meditation or Yoga in concentration making. After completing an art work, your mind will be in a great mood and satisfaction. Photography also gives a similar feeling if you have love towards nature and observation.