StudioBlitz by Lalla

StudioBlitz by Lalla

Lalla works in oils on canvas primarily but is also adept in acrylics. She does some work in watercolor, pastels and pen and ink . She is predominately a self-taught artist~ all in a style of realism. She was offered a full Art Scholarship when she was 17. Sadly and crushing to her, Lalla wasn't able to accept it. She is a first generation Long Island/NYC gal. Her parents were from Europe and met in NYC. Her Dad put a paint brush in her hand before a pencil and she never put it down until forced to make a career in business instead of art. Whenever she could, Lalla would paint.

She was commissioned over the years to paint canvases in a variety of subjects as well as murals which she thoroughly enjoyed. She has exhibited infrequently and sold her work privately ~ most recently she shows in a local gallery in the art district. She sold several pieces this past summer when they featured her for the month of August. Since moving to S.E. Florida 25 years ago, Lalla's inspiration has been mostly in tropical / subtropical subjects. The colors are so vivid and varied depending on the time of day which beg to be put on canvas.

"A Wiggles and Wags Tale" by Lalla can be seen and bought for on Amazon Kindle. Lalla wrote and illustrated this children's book about dog adoption. It teaches kids the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership.

Happily, Lalla can now devote most her time to what has always been her total passion ~ painting and animals. She hopes you enjoy her work.


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"A Wiggles and Wags Tale"

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