I'm Lana, I am 42. I have been drawing for numerous years has a hobby, i enjoy it and never thought to try and sell until now. So many friends and family have said my drawings are great, i personnally just think im ok. Im self taught and just think im average, im nothing special, just like to pencil draw, unfortunately not so clever with paints so pencil is what i do.
About a year and half ago I found out I have keinbocks disease in my right wrist(I'm right handed),didn't know much then but just last week I went hospital and well the bone has collapsed so instead of wearing split I'm wearing removable cast it's all real now it is and will affect my daily life but I am determining to draw like I have been doing and do best i can so please anyone who looks, most of drawings are last year and this year so despite keinbocks I'm trying to keep the one thing I love to do sometimes with aching but I'm not giving up drawing good or bad it's what I love to do.

Some people may like it some people may not, but thats fine, i like people to enjoy my drawings, have a look decided for themselves.

To all who have looked bought etc
Thank you so much it's a great feeling knowing people taken time

Please feel free to have a look.