V.DHAKSHINA MURTHY is one of South India's most committed and influential artists. Professionally a painter, a product of the Madras College of Arts and Crafts, Class of 1982, he is a man of many parts and interests. Whenever he gets an opportunity, he visits old temples and ruins, searching for `artistic nuances that sculptor of bygone eras had conceived. His canvases mostly in oil, are renowned for their vibrant hues and unique depiction of movement. Colors, planes and spaces blur and merge into each other, to good effect. The textures undulate from sedate, thinly veneered areas to emphatic palette strokes to bold granulated patches.
Dance, music and prayer find expression in a number of Dhakshinamurthy's canvases. He also confesses to a partiality for Lord Ganesa in His many forms. But his most enduring fascination remains the female form. He believes that women are the epicenter, not only of creation, but also of love, learning and mystical power.