Pascal Lagesse

Pascal Lagesse

Pascal Lagesse was born in Mauritius on the 7th of August 1968. He studied at the Saint-Esprit college where he chose art as a major subject for his Cambridge Higher School Certificate. His results encouraged him in pursuing his studies in Durban, South Africa where he became a Graphic Designer with a specialisation in illustrations.

He started oil painting in 1986 and follow a group of Mauritian landscape painters all around the island. Painting is a revelation ! He discovers at the same period the paintings of the Mauritian painter Max Boullé and the French painter Maurice Menardeau.

He is rapidly fluent in various techniques like Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour, Pastels, Ink, charcoal and etching on copper and zinc plates. He also tries engraving on wood and lino.

In the 90’s he starts acting in theatre plays and participates in a musical. He discovers then another artistic world.

Pascal Lagesse produces his first art exhibition in solo in 1996 at the Max Boullé Gallery in Rose-Hill, Mauritius. Encouraged by the critics, he will propose to the Mauritian public art exhibitions in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2014. In 2009 he participates in a group exhibition in Lausanne in Switzerland. In 2015 he participates in an exhibition at L'Aventure du Sucre on the theme: Rodrigues with is friend, the photographer Christian Bossu-Picat.

In 2018, Pascal Lagesse publishes his first short stories book in French.

Pascal Lagesse is also a photographer. Since the arrival of digital photography, he embraced this new passion.. He started creating photomontages that he calls PhotoArt. In 2019, he participates in his first group exhibition at the S’mall & Chic gallery in Curepipe.

On the occasion of the National Day Celebrations, the 12th of March 2019, he receives a national recognition for his significant contribution in the field of Arts in Mauritius. He is elevated to the rank of Commander of the order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean. (C.S.K)