Lady Vixen

Lady Vixen

Most people call me a gypsy soul simply because I have wandered a great many places and seen many things. Along the way I create art. sometimes it's polictical art or current events...other times it's from classic horror movies that I have seen way too many times, but most times it's a combination of things around me that spark my inspiration and creativity.

I have a YouTube channel that also goes along with my artwork. Each piece has it's own creation music video, so i't much more than just buying some wall art. It's purchasing a whole experience. I dress in characters, pick fitting music, and literally set a stage to make an amazing painting creation video for each individual piece. The link to my videos is here:

I also do custom work! So please feel free to message me on social media or email me here if you would like something unique created. I have made many logos and tattoos, and portrait pieces.

Thanks for showing up and checking out my gallery!