2020 VisionArt

2020 VisionArt


I love to create! I began producing digital art around 2004. Having been born with a severe degenerative eye disease, I pursued a career in Music Therapy. Then technology helped me uncover this hidden gift and a new love was born!

Some pictures I see in my mind's eye before I "paint" them, and others are photographs that I have "tweaked" to suit my purpose. Travel is one of my loves and many of my pictures come out of my adventures. I'm a musician and I love to play keyboard with my husband on the base guitar. Yes I can sing too ...create, create CREATE with the mind, the voice, and let the fingers go wild!

I consider that my life is a great, happy adventure and it is my hope that as you view my creations, your life will be more hopeful and happy and that the sun will shine brightly on any gray days.