Jean-Luc Lacroix

Jean-Luc Lacroix

Contemporary and contemplative creator, he shows his talents in many fields such as sculpture, furniture design in Recup-art, drawing or painting. Listed as an “emerging artist” in Akoun and ArtPrice guides, Jean-Luc Lacroix regularly exhibits his works at auction at Hotel Drouot in Paris. They are the subject of exhibitions such as “Jeune Creation Contemporaine” (Young Contemporary Creation) with Tessier & Sarrou study.

From scratch...

Crude, is the first word that comes to mind watching a sculpture of Jean-Luc Lacroix. He explores his personal mythology, devoid of any academic dogma, to invent an extraordinary fauna from nothing. That nothing we neglect by habit.
The eye of the novice puts the alley to plain imaginary of his creations. We are afraid of rubbing ourselves to the pupil. The material is rough as is the crocodile skin, the metal is likely to flay us the feeling. This rustic accumulation announces the finesse of a sensitive temperament. The choice of four basic elements is not stranger to a love of the land. Silent, he cocks his artistic integrity in this fertile soil, beating the iron of his emotions and fanned on the embers of inspiration to offer us contemplative idols.

The work of Jean-Luc Lacroix make us easily approached. The facetious nature of his characters, sometimes funny, sometimes ironic, plunges us into a reading of the ‘Fables of La Fontaine’ revisited.
The aesthetics of this gleaming arch pounding suddenly with chisel, ripping to his impulses a deep creative idea. He swapped his blacksmith tools against a little piece of pastel. This preparatory phase, time and abundant, matures thousand sketches before throwing a specific act on the sheet. Malicious names often accompany his sketches to highlight all the hilarity and the accuracy of his line of pictorial author. On one end to the other of his biting and funny drawings, he offers us a new allegory to evoke the society: its beauty, like its failings.

As a lapidary, Jean-Luc Lacroix has carved many facets to his art. It scrutinizes the contaminated material, recognizes his brilliance and sublimes it. Adept of Recovery-Art, he is also very fond with the raw materials such as wood and metal for composing design furniture. To the homebody who devours a renewed work, he gives to these forgotten items a second life that will feel with charm a unique room.

Sculptures steel & wood