La Casa De Seviles

La Casa De Seviles

La Casa De Seviles features artists' Nicole S & Miguel Aviles. Both are from New York, residing in the up-state area, where they practice a variety of forms of art, including painting, charcoal & sketch-art, sculpting, mixed-media, and photography.
Nicole is primarily a writer, as well, which she tackles as an art within itself, and poetry is her favorite form of creative writing / expression. She also serves as a creative director, to clients in need of a variety of services, digitally.
Miguel is a professional painter, currently experimenting with surreal and contemporary pieces, which are for sale on the site. His method is a combination of realism, surrealism, abstract and pop-art, and he implements a very slow and precise practice when painting.

La Casa De Seviles offers fine arts pieces, as well as personalized portraits & pop-art paintings. We can customize something just for you! Enjoy browsing our selection, or email us for more personalized service, with any questions, quotes, or concerns. Thank you!


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