Welcome to my Gallery. I hope you find something to inspire you and something to make you think. As you will no doubt see, my work utilises a multitude of styles, colours and materials. It has inherited multi-cultural influences, which is no surprise given my background.

- The World Was My Education -

Born in Malaysia with Chinese heritage, my family and I moved to Scotland when I was young. My exposure to various cultures was absorbed into my childhood and teenage years. It became obvious to me that my calling was always going to take influence from the traditions and cultures that I was surrounded by.

My education eventually took me to study at the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London to complete a BA in Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear and surface textiles. As part of my degree, I gained valuable experience working with a number of luxury fashion houses. I was responsible for the development and manipulation of textiles for many fashion show pieces and dresses that adorned red carpet events around the world.

With my knowledge developing, I began to specialise. My focus became hand embroidery, fabric prints and dyes and garment finishing. I was honing my skills. Soon I was making clothes that reflected my personality. Unique. Distinctive. Colourful.

As much as I enjoyed my time in the fashion arena, I was destined for more. I wanted to create something individual by combining my love of art, fashion and my other passion, painting. It was time to start the next chapter in my life.

- Dare To Be Different -

Art doesn’t have to be a limited to a nice painting hung on a wall. It can be so much more. My art transcends that and I want it to inspire those who look at it.

We live in a multi-cultural world, so let’s embrace that with our art. It’s certainly what I’m trying to do. We can collectively push the boundaries and embrace the extra space we find.

My work combines ribbons, thread and fabrics with neon paint, multi-media and acrylics, my work is as experiential as it inclusive. Think of it as a story without an ending. At least, an ending that only you can provide. Let your imagination run wild.

- Be A Part of My World. Let Me Play A Part In Yours -

The people who see my work need to get as much joy from looking at it, as I did from creating it. Art is a life-giving experience, and that works both ways.

My art is unconventional. It does use vibrant colours, it incorporates numerous textiles and unusual form factors. It is visually exciting and I adore it for that. I hope you do too.

Browse my site and fall in love with my passion. Imagine them hung in your home and the excitement and pleasure you and your friends will get every time they see it. Get drawn in by the eyes, then feel the connection through your heart and soul.

The Lines Collection