Kylie Boo

Kylie Boo

Kylie Boo was born with Congenitally Corrected Transposition of Great Arteries (CCTGA) in 1997 and underwent a procedure when she was an infant. Due to the rarity and complexity of her heart condition, she was not able to receive the ideal treatment – Double Switch Procedure. Instead, she went through 2 operations as part of the Fontan Procedure in 2017 that was conducted by Singapore surgeon. In 2018, she was transferred to an adult heart centre for post-operation rehabilitative treatment.

After discharging from the hospital, she picked up visual arts she used to love before her condition strikes her, in order to give a voice to any patient’s heartfelt words and desires to be ‘normal’, that may otherwise remain unheard.

Kylie wants to share the social and emotional challenges faced by patients, which sometimes end up with them being ostracized by those around them who may not fully understand why they are unwell, not physically but mentally as well – an artist who draw heart.

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