✨ Hello beautiful people! My name is Ky, but you know me as KyAbstracts. I specialize in Contemporary Abstract Art on canvas as well as Custom Abstracts. My website is where you can also purchase some Original KyAbstract pieces!

✨ Let me start by saying thank you so much for your support and love, because without it, I wouldn't be sharing my passion with you today. Again, many thanks ❤️

✨ I have always loved the arts in my youth, but I never thought I would make a career out of painting. Yet, here I am today, doing what I love while inspiring the world!I genuinely couldn't ask for anything more.

✨ I love the way my art makes me feel, but even more, I love the way my art makes you feel and that's why I've started this business in the first place. I love to inspire others and help them see the world through my eyes, which can be such a beautiful thing!