Kim "Kwaz" McKerracher

Kim "Kwaz" McKerracher

My name is Kim McKerracher and I've been doing my art since 1999. Just in the past few years, I've been signing my painting with..."KWAZ". A shortened version of my maiden name and a common nickname from my childhood friends.

I have been a nurse for 34 years and in order to turn my mind off from the stress and strain of death, loss, and management, I turned to the joys of color and the beauty of nature.

Happy flowers, restful waters, and interesting faces...these are blessings created by God. These bring joy to my world which I want to share through paint. To be reminded visually of better moments in life provides an avenue of healing and hope from our hurts and pain. Paintings can affect our moods.

I believe all art is valid
It may shout perfection to the masses,
It may speak prose to the few,
Or just whispers meaning to the one.
I believe all art is valid.