Kush Tattoos

Kush Tattoos


As a child I wasn’t preoccupied with calling myself an artist .
I explored with the curiosity of a scientist and the boldness of youth. I painted bold patterns on our walls, expanding my drawings into the world around me. I look back on these moments as an essential time where I learned how to explore and to be comfortable following my intuition.
Being an artist Sight is our most important sense; it allows us to communicate in images and symbols. With this expanded language we are able to think in abstractions and feel things that we cannot clearly say.
Being an artist requires generosity of spirit, the willingness to see, hear, and feel. Art is not an ornament. It’s a language. It can create a space to share and transcend boundaries.

An artist uses the material language of the world as art evolves with society.To think like an artist is to dedicate practice to remaining connected to the intuitive spirit of exploration. Fully engage in your life’s work and have discipline in your mind and passion. Practicing creativity can be an exhilarating risk.

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