Kume Bryant Art

Kume Bryant Art


​Thank you for your interest in my art. I live in beautiful Sonoran desert, Tucson, Arizona with my loving husband, son and 2 adorable dogs. I earned a degree in Graphic art/Advertising art. I am a self-taught painter. My works are impressionistic abstract paintings. I mostly paint with acrylics. Also enjoy playing with digital art and watercolors.

I am honored to say that I have sold to collectors worldwide. It is amazing to me that my works hangs in homes, churches, and businesses across the globe.

Feeling blessed and excited about life, I am always aiming to spread positive with uplifting subjects and colors to brighten the world. Painting from my heart. Capturing the heart happy moments.

I earned a degree in advertising/graphic art. Right after graduation I landed a job in a small print shop. I worked until my son came along. My husband and I decided that I would stay home to raise him. I continued to work as a part-time freelancer.
Hoping to paint someday... dreaming always... not having the courage...
​I have the most supportive husband. His idea, what seemed small at the time, but his way of nudging me which encouraged me to paint today. He brought home a photo of a coworker going camping with two donkeys (photo above), and asked me to paint that for him just for fun. The painting turned out well. I had much fun doing, and made me wanting to do more...
I bought me a book on painting and learned some techniques…that was in 2007. I have gone through many tries and trials, and many mediums and experiments over the years. For now, I am settling with acrylic paints for it's quick drying which allows me to play with layers quickly. I am still learning and I am sure that I will never stop learning the awesomeness of the art world. I am living the dream all thanks to my hubby's endless support.
Thank you for reading and enjoy your visit!

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