My artistic career has been varied, and sometimes creativity took a back seat to earning a living. I've been an art teacher, an art therapist, a commercial artist, and I've had my work exhibited in a few galleries and shows. I became a full-time Web designer just as the World Wide Web was taking off and stayed in that field for 16 years.

While I worked in other fields I still spent my free time creating art; but the scope of my work narrowed to the size of a 9 x 12 sketch. I kept the best things I’ve done in the past in a big leather portfolio. It’s traveled with me from
Chicago to Minneapolis to Baltimore and back again. Some of the things in it are almost sixty years old, but now the World Wide Web offers me the opportunity to show them to the world at last.

Now that I’m retired I’m entering a new phase of my work, one which I am consciously and deliberately changing from my previous style. Or styles. I’ve alternated between “external” focus on things observed in ordinary reality and “internal” visions, i.e. my metaphysical-surrealist work. I’m striving now to unite the two so I can depict the essence of the things I see, concentrating not on “realistic” detail or outward appearance but on showing the inner spirit and meaning of the reality I see. Still doing a little surrealism, as witness “Ghost Roses” from 2019, but I’m moving on. Stay tuned.

Surrealist-Metaphysical Artwork

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