Ksenia Yarovaya

Ksenia Yarovaya


The sun of the artist Ksenia Yarovaya was born from birth - while still a child she showed interest in drawing, which later grew into a profession: the sun, generously bestowed on her artistic talent, burst into this world with an awareness of its vastness and riot of colors, among which she wanted to find her and it is not surprising that once life brought her to Greece, where the sun is not only in the sky for almost three hundred days a year - it is in every smile and look, in every splash of sea wave and gull cry, in children's laughter and in the wise words of old people, in every th branch of olives and every grain of sand. It plays with rays from ancient temples and gives unforgettable sunsets and sunrises, it gives life and this will never change.
Two suns met to make the world even brighter and more delightful - that if not creativity improves it? .........

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Member of the Union of Artists of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece
Awarded UNESCO GOLD medal for contribution to culture.

Greek Theme

Golden Dreams (GD)

Abstract collection