Mercurial Day

Mercurial Day

The warping of memories over time; there disintegration, distortion, and twisted perception integrate perceptual meaning, with a stream of projector "memories," available for manipulation by the audience. The personal battle to understand our own past and interpret its significance can be a challenge depending on how much we balance what we think we know and what may have just been the allusion that we did. Past knowledge mingles with small slices of truth, biased thoughts, and levels of knowledge. Each person will view the same event in their own unique and individual way.

Bias’ are significant lessons that can be based on personal and not so obvious beliefs: Things that make sense to us and us alone. Someone else may see something else in the same moment in time. This is what I wish to convey. We are products of what we think we are, but we can alter this process if we choose to. Some times we see exactly what we want to see

Content and context become twisted, warping over time, some lost to us only to be restored with one tiny piece of knowledge. Others filtered through our own truth sifter, often fractured with previous memories’ and perception that we protect ourselves with; deliberately instilling disintegration and distortion: Lost moments in time. An echo of the past carried over that reverberates throughout the present.

To capture a moment that sends us there; is what it can do. Pulling us into that world and creating wonder about its inherent character. The time we wish to be in. My inspiration comes from the memories that have seemly popped up out of nowhere. A year that has had major life changing revelations and made the possibilities seem endless. This world is full of amazing little miracles and mysterious happenings.

Choosing to blend the wacky world we live in with the brilliance of human frailty and self-preservation I hope to explore the new viewpoints I have gained and see where it takes me. Memories are distilled pieces of who we are in personality, character, and reality. Even when based on faulty reasoning. I’m still open to the possibilities. Memories give us a feeling of seeing something from the past that influenced who we are and why.

Shadows that affect us: shape us and make us strong. The vision of who we are in space and time, altered; a unique creation of individual fractures. Its soft colors and visual character, communicate memory held on to and maybe even cherished. Integrating concept: Woven within fragments we find nebulous blips of truth, misunderstandings, self-imposed visions, and miraculous happenings. These pieces are floating in our conscience just waiting to be restored, resorted, and reassigned.

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