Kris Kocha

Kris Kocha

Chris Gendron AKA “Kocha” is a Tattoo Artist originally from the United States, currently living and working in Europe. Books, art, music (especially Metal and Hard Rock) and time spent in the military are major influences in his life.

Kocha collected his first tattoo at age 16 in Canada in an old-school street shop. He continued to collect tattoos while in the military and in 2008, he pursued a career in tattooing. “I kind of stupidly wanted to tattoo and I hardly even knew how to draw”, Kocha admits, “But I was determined to be the best tattoo artist I could be. I learned to draw by tracing thousands of sheets of flash.”

The importance of line work and doing things in a single pass heavily influence Kocha's work. Kocha loves his artwork to tell a story and especially enjoys creating “Old School” Traditional tattoos, Neo-Traditional, Etching style and anything bold and graphic.

You can find more of Kocha's work at:
FB: @Kriskochatattoo
Instagram: @kriskocha

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