Kristin Woodward

Art Empath Kristin Woodward-
Expressionist, Automatism Abstract Artist and professional photographer. Kristin's Art and photography represent her passion for life creating captivating fine art and editorial imagery through feeling and perception. Her paintings are intensely emotional and non-naturalistic with usage of emotion and energy drawn upon from life force and universal energies. Kristin's work is mystical and surreal with dramatic vivid colors and textures; which form life. Derived from her subconsciousness, images unfold from the emotional energy of intensity either personally or universally. Kristin Woodward is an empath, this gift enables Kristin too strongly connect to other humans, animals and nature. At times the emotions that she feels can be so intense and overwhelming that Kristin has taken to expression through art and photography. Highly gifted in the Arts along with spatial and analytical skills Kristin's paintings come to life in an equilibrium; with usage of strong vivid colors, textures and movement, Kristin's paintings are created as surreal automatism; Pure psychic automatism ... the dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason and outside all moral or aesthetic concerns. With the usage of canvas, oil paints, hands camera and energy Kristin transforms medium as an alchemist into vivid expressions.
Graduated from The Art Institute in 1990 with a photography background Kristin Explored much of the world which enriched her creative passion and emotional connection with different cultures.

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