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Kristin Cooney Studio

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I’m Kristin Cooney, a full time mother of triplets and part time dentist who always to find time to paint. Everyone needs an outlet, whether creative or otherwise. My husband loves to spend his free time golfing and my kids use their time to play make-believe, make paper snowflakes, or find other ways to mess up the house. A few years ago, I decided to always MAKE time to let my creative juices flow.

I take painting classes locally and online to always learn something new or get inspired. With my profession of dentistry, I get to create art in patients’ mouths every day…but it’s not the same as unwinding in my home studio. My training in dentistry has given me a strong background in the importance of hue, value, and chroma.

My paintings are usually oils or acrylic on canvas. The joy that I get to experience in my everyday life is reflected in all my works. I like to add a little whimsy even to the most serene of paintings.