Kristian Lines

Kristian Lines

My name is Kristian Allen Lines. I was born...and I’ve been drawing ever since.
I’ve worked at many kind of jobs in my life just to get by, but I keep coming
back to my art. It’s in me and I can’t do anything else and be happy.
I’ve never really tried to make a living from my work until now.
I’ve done some building illustrations and historical posters,
but not enough to support myself. But now
I am ready for the world to see my work.

The Art

I am creator, not a re-creator. I don’t really care for drawing things
that are already there. I prefer to draw from my imagination. I envision
worlds and then visit them in my work.
I find influence from the microscopic to the great
expanse of the universe.

All my tones and colors are built from tiny squiggly lines.
{squigglyism if you will} I work mostly with Micron Pigma
Pigment pens. They only come in a small assortment of colors
so to achieve the looks I desire I blend color with color to make
images that vibrate in your brain. Much like impressionists.
Sometimes I use marker and pastel but the squigglyism still applies.

My style is born from Automatic Art. Much more than simple “doodling”,
I build shape upon shape and plane upon plane as though I were walking
though an alien landscape which no one else has ever perceived.

As I draw, I play with positive and negative space so the eye is delighted
to see a complicated array of shapes and patterns that excite and challenge
the mind.

I don’t do cute and cuddly, but works that bring the viewer into that
wonderful place I call
My Imagination.
I hope you enjoy...