Kriskraf Art Photography

Kriskraf Art Photography

"Think of all the beauty still around you and be happy"-Anne Frank

That is why I am a photographer, to think of all the beauty around us, the ability to Photograph all the beauty I see. My first official training in photography was during high school. A Dyslexic person generally has very strong visual skills. So as I am dyslexic it was recommended I try and see if photography was a good fit for me, I got into a black and white photography class in my first year of high school and remained in the class till my conclusion of high school. I explored my love for photography with the natural beauties of the Mackinac Island and surrounding areas, while discovering my love for Nature and landscapes I started
off exploring my passions for the art.

With the University of Michigan as a photographer for the athletic department. This was an interesting and exciting experience with the changes to further my discovery of photography. In this time, I got to photograph the football games as well as the excited fans.

I also got the privilege of working with the Detroit zoo. This was a very rewarding experience to work with such a wonderful organization. As well as the wonderful opportunity to photograph the wildlife that resided at the zoo.

From here I was given the opportunity to learn and work with portrait photography. This was a thrilling and educational experience; it was such a joy to work with so many talented photographers.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the different experiences I have had with photography, my passion and love remain in artistic photography.

Like to use gallery wrap canvas as the primary method of displaying your photography. I also do more conventional methods as matting and framing the work. But the canvas method I find is a modern and interesting method at this time."

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