Oceanic Abstracts

Oceanic Abstracts


Kris has been an artist for her entire life. She received artistic accolades throughout her school years and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from CSU Chico. Most of her years in college were spent focusing on still life, print making, nude models and a bit of photography.

Shortly before graduating in 2005 she discovered new inspiration in painting and shifted her focus to nature based abstracts. She was invited to participate in a couple local Gallery showings and was also showcased at the gallery within the Chico Art department.

Kris began having some unexplained health issues in 2015 which resulted in brain surgery. After a successful surgery she had a sudden resurgence of inspiration. She's been painting actively ever since.

Along with traditional brush painting techniques she also enjoys using palette knife, experimenting with new mixtures and pouring techniques.

Ebb & Flow series