Kim McWhinnie

Kim McWhinnie


Born - 1977 Pretoria, South Africa

Lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa


I am a self taught contemporary artist based in South Africa.

I have always been fascinated with eyes. They truly are the window to the soul, their colour, their variety, their shape. Since I can remember I have always loved to draw eyes and portraits and the movement of the human body. I am obsessed with colour and strangely the lack of it; sometimes it’s what you don’t paint that says it all. Although I am “self-taught”, and I don’t have a formal education in art per se, I did take art at school and studied under Thea Burger. After school I tried to “find myself” believing that there would be no future in art so I left art behind. Well it turns out I was there all along, I never really left, I love painting and drawing, it is passion a desire I have, and always have had. I believe my art reflects my passion and my obsessions and my personality. Honestly I don’t always plan my work, it is often rather random and eclectic – like me - but once I do find something that inspires me I take it and make it my own.
My style is very contemporary; I do however like to dabble in the more classic styles. My favourite medium to work with is acrylic, it allows for such a range of expression although I don’t deny that drawing will always hold a special place in my heart.
So please, join me in my world, my reality.