Krawczak Art

Krawczak Art

About myself

Welcome all the persons who are interested!

My name is Andrzej Krawczak. I was born in 1963 in Poland. In 1985, after I finished Art High School in Lublin, I started studying at the Sculpture Department in Cracow Academy of Fine Art. As a student I was a few times awarded prizes by the Senate of the Academy for my works. I finished my studies in 1990.

I realise my creative passions in a few fields of art - sculpture, paiting and drawing. I would like the joy of creation included in my art to be the source of positive experience for you.

You can order art ( carricatures, paitings, sculptures ... ) by contacting with me.

Thank you for visiting the mini-gallery of my art.

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Phone: +48 880 139 863







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