Elena Kouti

Elena Kouti


Elena Kouti was born and raised in Greece. She moved to the UK, where her innate trait of helping others led her to the completion of her BSc and MSc studies in Health psychology.

During these years and since she was a little one her mum encouraged her to paint on papers, walls, desks; whatever she could apply paint on really. Finally, in 2019 she visited a local gallery to frame one of her latest paintings. The gallery manager sensed her deep love for creating art, so he suggested to take her art more seriously. And so she did. She is now a full-time artist.

Elena is a self-taught artist. Her artworks place an emphasis on the elements of water, air and earth along with particular parts of the human body. Her artworks are either depicted abstractly, surrealistically or even realistically. She sometimes chooses to adorn her paintings with natural elements -such as flowers from her nana's garden-.
There is always a special story behind her works, which strives to symbolise their power and communicate a tender conversation between the artist - the artwork and - the outer world.

She likes to experiment with different paint mediums, from markers and watercolours to acrylics, oils and thick pastes for extra texture.

Instagram: @elenasartistry
Email: koutielena@gmail.com