Hi, I’m Kori.
After my heart transplant in August 2020, I wanted (and needed) something to help me through healing and recovery. Believe me, having a transplant was pretty overwhelming…emotions were [and still are] indescribable. My donor and her family are now a part of my daily thoughts and I could not be more grateful.
For as long as I can remember, all things creative and artistic have been a huge part of my life…I love to paint roses, other flowers, fruits, berries and wreaths in a French country style on note cards, gift boxes, furniture, etc. along with various home decor items. I always have a project of some sort going on and that creative side of me decided to challenge myself to learn new painting techniques through multiple tutorials, videos and “how to” searches. I enjoyed [and didn't enjoy] my many failed attempts. I might get a result I was happy with, yet it looked absolutely nothing like what I had planned! [Seriously]. Then I stubbornly learned to stop being afraid to mess up... and through more trials, errors and multiple "do overs," my ideas started looking more as I had envisioned. Now, I want to paint every tree, cloud, mountain, or sunset I see! I won’t give up. I will make every effort to continue to learn, attempt new subjects and improve every day.
I have been so fortunate to stay healthy during Covid - my new heart is my perfect match. I have learned to cope with side effects of my various medications. I have tremors and cramping in my hands especially. It's difficult to type, write, stir, button something, hold a glass still, put on mascara and other daily tasks and yes, holding a paintbrush steady can be extremely exasperating. The optimist in me sees an upside and instead of allowing it to limit my artwork, I have a new motto:

"When life gives you shaky hands, PAINT A TREE! "

Painting has helped me maintain a positive attitude: Spiritually, mentally and physically. I am beyond grateful to say the least and want to share my paintings with you. Each original painting represents a snapshot of emotions during my journey and recovery. Art really does mirror life for me. Lighter, brighter colors express optimism and happiness and the use of more muted tones seem to bring a sense of calm. Thank you for your interest and viewing my "Koriginal" paintings. I will be donating a portion of proceeds to an organization that works with donor families.

Heart Transplant Journey